Baked Macaroni Recipe is the Filipino version of Mac ‘n Cheese. This Filipino twist of a famous English dish comes out of the oven with an uncanny resemblance to Mac n’ Cheese. However, the similarity stops there.

The American and Canadian English version called mac and cheese, as well as the Caribbean English version called macaroni pie are cheese-based dishes.

The Filipino version is a meat-and-tomato-based recipe. Both the original English dish and Filipino style are creamy and rich. However, the former is cheesy and the latter is meaty.

The meat ingredient usually consists of either pork or beef, or a mixture, and sometimes ham or hotdogs are added. If you’ve ever been invited to a meal or gathering, then you’ll know first-hand just how much Filipinos love meaty dishes.

The cheese topping is similar to the one used in Lasagna, made from cheese, milk, flour, and butter.The cooked meat, tomato sauce, and cooked pasta are combined.

The meat and saucy macaroni mixture are transferred into a baking dish where it is topped with the cheese and then baked. Viola! Baked Macaroni packed with carbohydrate, protein, and fiber, as well as high in vitamin A and C, calcium, and iron.

Adjusted to the Filipino palate, Baked Macaroni Recipe is a popular pasta dish served during various occasions – from birthdays to “binyags” (christenings), even weddings. It’s a favorite party food, especially as part of the holiday meal tradition called “Nochebuena” where the family gathers for a feast during Christmas Eve.

It’s easily everyone’s favorite and one dish can feed an army of voracious eaters, which are what Filipinos are known for – people who love food and eating a lot.

This delicious, heavy meal will satisfy the guests with just a small serving, which is a very good thing when all the “lolos” and “lolas” (grandparents), aunts, uncles, cousins, nephews, nieces, parents, and grandchildren all come together, plus the family’s close friends and neighbors joining in with the festivities.