Yema Cake Recipe is a new innovation from the many Filipinos working overseas and the one’s at home.

It is not known who created it first or if it was from a restaurant and if it has been sold or being sold by any bakery in the Philippines but one thing is for sure, this Yema Cake Recipe is really good!

We added a twist by loading it with cheese, meaning the inside is full of cheesiness and instead of being soft and airy in the middle we made it stuffy and creamy when eaten.

It is heavy and may not be very healthy for some, it is highly recommended that you do burn those fats in the gym when you cook this either on Christmas or New Year.

If you noticed our version is well done just like cooking a steak and may appear a little bit burnt to some, if you prefer it light and not too cooked in the inside you can shorten the cooking time as opposed to what we showed in the procedure.

A tip when cooking the Yema Topping, make sure to put the heat in low and ensure to keep on stirring to avoid from burning which will cause bitter taste and bad presentation.

We would suggest to carefully follow the instructions and if ever you have any doubts or even suggestions if you see anything that we can improve in our next publications.

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