Special Bibingka Recipe is a delicacy prepared during Christmas season but is now sold and has become mainstream due to the popular stall called bibingkinitan who started the business in 2006.

We previously cooked a modern type of Bibingka and we thought we should go back to the traditional way of making it while living in a modern city, although we did not cook the dough exactly as the old way, the taste, texture and presentation is comparable.

Traditional way is cooked in a coal and the top is usually burnt and dusty due to the banana leaf, the temperature is difficult to control but that’s the challenge in making it, Our skillfull grand parent knew how to regulate the coal to properly cook it, I could imagine our ancestors cooking it to make ends meet.

You may wonder what the difference is between a puto and bibingka, it’s simple puto does not have coconut milk while the bibingka has and puto is steamed while this is cooked with heat from the fire or charcoal.

Bibingka is usually sold right beside the Church for the vendors to capture devotees of dawn mass which is common and very popular in the Philippines, I remember buying this beside the road and the vendor was mixing it from a bucket cooked together with puto bombong.

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