Sapin Sapin Recipe is a colorful rice cake mainly made with glutinous rice, coconut milk and some food color to make it nice and different from other Filipino rice cake delicacies.

It’s the color which made it more attractive and I saw versions of it in Singapore and Malaysia, I am guessing the influence is probably from Malaysia, or even Indonesia if they have one.

Many people think that this is quite difficult to prepare and cook so I took the plunge and took the challenge of making it where I found to be easy which even my eldest 7 year old can make provided with guidance from me.

Just like the previous Bibingka Recipe it comes with coconut milk and this is steamed instead of baked in the oven and this is top with latik which is a cooked coconut milk tid bits.

This is sold at the markets and quite rare, I am assuming because its quite difficult to make and not as popular as other Filipino rice cake, you will often see a lady selling this on bilao.

In Singapore where we live there is a popular bakeshop who makes it but the texture is quite different and it’s not as sweet as the Filipino version, and not as thick due to the coconut cream added.

As usual I hope you get to learn how Sapin Sapin Recipe is done by following the procedure we prepared and it would help if you watch the video below. Please let us know how we can improve pur publications by leaving a comment and rating this recipe.