Filipino Style Fruit Salad Recipe is a common dessert served during Christmas or any occasions in the Philippines such as birthdays or whatever so long as there is a gathering and if you are expecting a visitor at home.

You would think that fruit salad should have been fresh fruits and not sweet because it is not healthy but you will be surprised as the Philippines has a unique and I would say weird version of it.

The reason could be because fruits such as apple, grapes those that only grow in cold countries are generally expensive in the country so instead if buying them fresh and for us to be able to save but would like to have something for dessert the inventor thought if using canned fruits.

Yes we used a combination if fruit cocktail in the can as well as fresh fruits with this dessert, besides using it we add more sweetened such as condensed milk and cream yikes not what is not healthy at all you might say.

Of course it is not so if you are diabetic or on a diet politely tell your Filipino friend that you’d rather eat fresh fruit and make your own salad than eating a bowl of the Filipino Style Fruit Salad Recipe.

I like sweet so whenever I see this dessert I would not want to miss it if it’s available I take just half of a small bowl though because we all know this is not the healthiest food in the world!

Again I hope you enjoy this and you get an indulgence of one of the famous dessert that we Filipinos love to eat during occasions. Please leave us a comment and let us know how to improve in our next recipes.