Chicken Empanada Recipe is popular all around the globe, and it is one of the recipes which have a lot of variations in many countries including the Philippines. Empanadas, also called turnovers, are typically stuffed with anything you can imagine. The stuffing is mainly meat like chicken, pork, and beef.

Many variations of this delicacy have been made with vegetables, fruits, cheese, onions, raisins, carrots, and green peas. Potatoes can also be added as extenders.

Empanadas are perfect as snacks or as appetizers. They are typically made in small proportions and served in parties and different occasions. It can sometimes be a finger food. The trick is to make the batches small so that two or three bites will suffice to fill your belly. Among the different preparation of empanadas, the most popular one is this chicken empanada recipe.

You can also make your own version of this recipe. Cooking it is simple, and the instructions are very easy to follow. Even though the empanada recipe originally has Spanish influence, it was modified, and some ingredients have been altered to cater the preferences of the locals.

If you visit the Philippines you will see Empanada Recipe sold at the MRT as well as shopping malls, they are usually eaten during breaks or breakfast for those who do not have the time to cook for the morning rush.