Casava Cake Recipe desserts are always the perfect course to end a meal. It could be in any form or type as long as it will satisfy your cravings for desserts. It is made from cassava, or commonly known as “kamoteng kahoy” or “balanghoy”. The cassava itself is dug from beneath the ground, and then properly rinsed, peeled, and crumbled.

It can be enjoyed with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate. Some people even pair it with cold drinks. Whatever your favorite drink is, it is one of the dishes which could perfectly blend and satisfy your sweet tooth.

Making your own cassava cake certainly is a piece of cake. Easy recipes are easily found and followed. You just need grated cassava, coconut milk, milk powder, egg, butter, cheese, and sugar. You will also need the same ingredients to make its sweet and creamy syrup on top. Once you have the complete list of ingredients, you can start whipping for a tasty dessert.

If you took your elementary years in the Philippines, I am sure this is will not be missed at the canteens, If I am not mistaken all the schools I have been in had this as a dessert at the canteen or cafeteria.

You can check the full Casava Cake Recipe and its procedures and have a relaxing time with this sweet delight.