Rellenong Pusit Recipe most Filipinos are quite fond of their relleno dishes which is probably an acquired taste from their Spanish heritage. This seafood recipe will definitely amaze your guests once an explosion of succulent flavors hits them after a single bite.

The ingredients create a delicious and distinctive taste making it more enjoyable and pleasing to the palate of Filipinos of all ages. It’s a dish best served on holidays or festivities, but no one can stop you from making one whenever you are craving for it.

The great thing about this Rellenong Pusit recipe is that it is an easy dish to make, despite looking intricate. If you have tried making pork giniling, you can definitely make this recipe.

You just have to put your pork giniling (without the tomato sauce) inside the squid and then fry it. It’s that simple. You can even cook the dish by grilling, steaming, or baking the squid.

If you are craving for a dish with different flavors all in one plate, then try making this Rellenong Pusit recipe to finally make your own stuffed dish.

I remember doing this in high school and winning as the best recipe as part of our Technology and Home Economics subject, I am sure my teacher will be proud of me when she ever see this Rellenong Pusit Recipe.