Mango Graham Cake Recipe the crackers have proven to be a versatile ingredient to have in the kitchen since it can be used as a crust, as a topping, and a lot more. These crackers definitely make a great dessert when combined with mangoes.

This dessert is more commonly known by Filipinos as Mango Float or Mango Royale. It is the Philippine’s version of the “icebox cake,” which was popular in the United States during the 1920s. Some also say that Mango Float is a variation of another Filipino dessert called “crema de fruta.” These desserts are all similar since they are made up of layers and they are filled with fruits and cream between these layers.

Mango Graham Cake Recipe is one of the easiest no-bake dessert to make since the steps are simple and repetitive. It is layer after layer of Graham crackers, mangoes and cream, with crushed Graham crackers and mango strips as toppings. No wonder why Filipinos love to bring this delicious treat in pot lucks since it tastes rich and creamy, but still light and sweet.

The recipe for this dessert is flexible since other fruits, like peaches and strawberries, can be used as alternatives to mangoes. This cake is usually made in a rectangular baking dish or container, but there are others who also use mason jars. Mango Graham cakes in a jar are a wonderful gift idea, especially during the Christmas season.

Speaking about Christmas as its just three days to go before the big day this was originally published on April but I am rewriting it so yes Happy Holidays and I hope you will learn something form this Recipe.

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