Leche Flan Recipe is literally the cream of the crop, Leche Flan is the Philippines’ number one dessert of all-time. Celebratory feasts will not be fun at all without this yummy custard on the table.

This dessert is not only famous in the Philippines and France, but it’s also well-known around the globe. A lot of countries have their own version of crème caramel, like “quesillo” from Venezuela, and “pudim de leite condensado” from Brazil.

This rich and sweet dessert is made from condensed milk and egg yolk mixture, but there are others who prefer adding the whole egg into the mixture.

Leche Flans are commonly cooked by steaming it on a stove top, while some use the “water bath” method in the oven to cook their flan. The tasty custard is topped with a thin layer of soft caramel, and it’s commonly served in “llaneras,” or small tin containers.

What makes Leche Flan special among other Filipino desserts is the way it is prepared, since one mistake might result in a disaster.

It is important to follow the recipe to the last dot since beating the mixture hard or steaming it in a very high temperature could result to a bubbly or eggy Leche Flan.

The final outcome should always be smooth and rich, otherwise, this dessert might end up like an Egg Pie.