Kutsinta Recipe Many still believe in the old Filipino saying that serving a plate of Kutsinta during Media Noche will bring the family closer throughout the year.

This Filipino dessert is made from rice flour, lye, and brown sugar mixture, and steamed in small muffin pans. It has a jellylike consistency and very chewy.

Kutsinta is usually sprinkled with fresh grated coconut, but it is also sometimes topped with sweet “latik,” or roasted coconut shavings. It is commonly partnered with “Puto,” which is another rice flour-based delicacy that has a doughy texture.

Kutsinta Recipe is favorite “meryenda,” or a Filipino mid afternoon snack, but a lot of people also eat it for breakfast. This local delicacy is also available all-year round, since it’s very easy to prepare and the ingredients can immediately be bought in any groceries or supermarket.

Because of the availability and affordability of the ingredients needed to make this Filipino treat, making and selling Kutsinta is a popular home-based business in the country.

The capital is very minimal, and the profit can be as much as three times the amount spent in making these “kakanin.”

These Filipino rice-flour based pastries are always in demand, especially when there’s a fiesta. Sometimes, people even call up to order dozens and dozens of Kutsinta for big gatherings. Selling Kutsinta Recipe is indeed like “a piece of cake.”