Beef Broccoli Recipe is a combination of East and West cuisine in the past we Asians never had or used broccoli but when the colonization era started different influences and Beef Broccoli is one of the results.

Beef Broccoli is very simple to prepare as a matter of fact in will take you about half an hour preparing and cooking this but it can be shorten if you prepared the ingredients before sleeping at night.

For example thawing the beef, cutting the broccoli into bite size, you will need to leave the rest though like onion which has to be fresh and cu before cooking otherwise you are waiting to be poisoned.

Some use oyster sauce for sweet flavoring and others use mushroom sauce but for me it depends what you want and whatever you feel eating so long it’s good for you, Oyster sauce a good choice as per my personal opinion.

I use it all the time when cooking beef because they match I mean the flavor compliments each other. But it does not mean mushroom is not good, I use the one in can all the time I would recommend the Campbell brand.

When cooking make sure not to burn or over cook the beef as well as the ingredients this is to avoid having bitter taste and make sure you set the heat from low to medium, this will ensure that the meat will be tender and not chewy when it comes to texture.