Banana Cake Recipe It took a while for bananas to become a dessert ingredient in the United States since it only arrived in the country around 1870s.

But now Banana can always be seen on every households table as well as restaurants, the popularity of the fruit comes along with the innovation in food.

We are talking about Banana Cake Recipe and this is so popular that people are constantly searching for this recipe based on trends.

I was curious myself as every time I go hungry specially when outside I always think about Banana as a good source of Potassium and fiber, it can make you feel full quickly as if you ate a meal which is good if you are on a diet.

There is a common mistake when baking banana cake, most often than not the inside tends to break and there will be a huge gap like an empty crust or volcano that just erupted upon pulling it out of the oven.

This is because the procedure was not followed properly and the heat of the heaven is not evenly distributed or the it was not properly configured.

It was quite a bum that our even broke before we did this recipe so we used our convection microwave, luckily the cake went well.