Yema Balls Recipe Filipinos are naturally sweet-toothed. We are more inclined to dishes and food that has a little bit of sweetness in them. Sweets and desserts have already been a part of our culture. It applies not only to kids but to adults also. As most people say, when you are “stressed”, just reverse the spelling, and you will have the solution to your problems—desserts!

One of the most common and easiest Filipino desserts to make is the yema. The term “yema” is a Spanish word that means “yolk”. As the name implies, egg yolk is one of its main ingredients together with condensed milk.

This sweet cuisine dates back to the Spanish colonial periods where egg shells and egg whites are used to build churches in the Philippines. These resulted in an abundance of leftover egg yolks. Filipinos as we are, we don’t like to waste food, and our ingenuity and passion for food led us to the formulation of egg yolk-based food like leche flan and yema.

You can also make use of this yema balls recipe as a product for a small-scale business which is perfect for home-based housewives and students who want to earn extra income at the side.

My version of this is quite cooked well that some may find it difficult to eat, so if you prefer a soft and chewy Yema Balls Recipe I recommend that you cook it less and ensure you are in low fire to avoid burning.