Pork Tocino Recipe breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day. In the Philippines, one of the most popular food for breakfast is the tocino. It is mainly a Spanish word which means cured meat. It is often reddish in color and sweet and is often paired with warm rice.

For Filipino people, Tosilog is amongst the favorite breakfast menus. It’s fried rice with tocino and sunny-side-up egg. Aside from that, it can be enjoyed anytime of the day and can be paired with any side dishes. Some people enjoy it dipped in spicy vinegar and soy sauce.

Most recipes mainly include pork ham, sodium phosphate, pineapple juice, and condiments to complete its savory flavor. You will also need a red food coloring to attribute to its reddish color. But the red food coloring is optional since it has no effect on the taste of your tocino.

Preparing it’s easy once you have the main ingredients for a pork tocino. Moreover, patience is a must since you have to store the meat for long hours to achieve the desired taste of your tocino.

You can check this complete Pork Tocino Recipe and the ways to prepare your scrumptious dish. Wait no more, and enjoy this with a warm serving of rice on your meals.