Pandesal Recipe is consume by the majority of the Filipinos as a breakfast in the morning and is an option for those people or Families who prefer to eat light meal as opposed to those who eats heavy meal in the morning.

Most of the time are the farmers who works in the field or the construction workers who requires huge amount of energy for their work activities. Pandesal Recipe is straight forward to make as it may seem but there are secrets to bake it properly.

A common mistake newbies make when making Pandesal Recipe is that it will turn out hard like a stone when not done properly, I experienced the same so I have shown the procedure carefully for you to follow.

I even asked help from a friend who has perfected the way it is done, I heard she has or is planning to start a bakery business in the Philippines and she has been doing this for a long time.

In case you cannot or do not have the means to watch the Pandesal video, the main secret of making a soft and perfect Pandesal Recipe is the process of letting the dough raise for 30 minutes or more and mixing the yeast to a hot to warm milk and letting it dissolve in the milk.

If this is not done rest assured your Pandesal will end up hard and will be put to waste, In addition we recommend that if you do not prefer it to be toasted then cook it shorter than instructed in this recipe.

Well I hope you will be able to make your perfect Pandesal Recipe and you learned something from us again! Thank you for non stop patronage and see you again in our next publication.

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