Chicken Asado Recipe is originally from the province of Pampanga and is usually compared to the afritada version because of some similarities in their appearances and textures. However, it always has a tangier taste as compared to afritada. Asado is similar to adobo as well, but one of their main differences is that instead of using vinegar, calamansi (lemon) juice and tomato sauce are used.

The term asado may sound Hispanic because the Spaniards have some influence on the creation of this dish in the past. In fact, “asado” closely means grilling in Spanish, but the modern one does not involve any kind of grilling at all.

The modern recipe, especially the one from Pampanga, is said to have Chinese influences because of the soy sauce and the salty ingredients added to it. The Pampangeños’ secret recipe is to use fresh tomatoes and atsuete seeds to bring out its appetizing colors.

It is very easy to cook your own chicken asado recipe. It only involves a very few simple ingredients like garlic and onions, and the cooking process in not that complicated. Check the full recipe here to see the entire details.

This Chicken Asado Recipe reminds of the Siopao which is very popular in the Philippines as well as matter of fact siopao is sold all over Southeast Asia at 7-11 stores.