Buffalo Wings Recipe are probably the most famous hors d’oeuvre in the American cuisine, and it can be found in almost every restaurant menu. Super Bowl viewing parties are considered incomplete if these appetizers are not served on the table.

In some recipes, the wings are sometimes cooked by baking or grilling the chicken, instead of deep-frying it. In this Recipe we decided to fry it because that’s the easiest way to cook it no pre-heating of oven or charcoal so we find this is the best way of making this. It all depends how you want it though so I leave that decision to you.

Because of its popularity, Buffalo wings Recipe have become a staple bar food, and it is even used in eating competitions. The most famous chicken wing eating contest is held at the National Buffalo Wing Festival, which happens annually.

There are also bars and restaurants that hold competitions like this, and the winners are usually rewarded with cash or a free meal. These tasty chicken wings were said to have originated at the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York, hence the name Buffalo wings.

According to stories, Teressa Bellissimo, one of the bar’s owners, needed to serve a snack quickly to her son and his friends, who all arrived late at night. She decided to toss some deep-fried chicken wings into some cayenne hot sauce, and as a result, the famous appetizer is born.

Meanwhile, another story said that Buffalo wings were actually created around the 1960s by John Young, a restaurant owner in Buffalo. Young’s version of this appetizer was actually breaded, and he served it in a special “mambo sauce.”

Despite having several claims on Buffalo wing’s history, everyone can agree that this All-American dish is the best snack to eat while watching any sports game.